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The first portal in Europe dedicated to thyroid thermal ablation.


Save Your Thyroid is not only a slogan, it is our mission, a philosophy, and a healthy lifestyle aimed at spreading and promoting the technique and benefits of Thyroid Thermal Ablation as an innovative standard procedure to reduce and avoid unnecessary surgical interventions.
The project’s main goal is to raise awareness among patients, encouraging Thermal Ablation with proper indications, safeguarding the thyroid gland in order to keep its functions unaltered without scars, general anesthesia and without a lifelong need for thyroid hormone replacement therapy!

Training school
for the doctors
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the SYT Academy

The school focuses on training doctors through dedicated courses that meet the standard requirements of international guidelines. Starting from simple thyroid ultrasound, it progresses to ultrasound-guided interventional techniques, and finally
organizes highly specialized courses to train the “trainers of tomorrow” through certified courses.

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Insights on
thyroid thermal

Thermal ablation, as the name suggests, is a procedure based on developing heath to cause necrosis, the death of the cells of the treated nodule or lesion. However, the word “ablation” carries within itself a contradiction that is worth explaining: in fact there isn’t an actual ablation, there is no surgical removal of the nodule, but the thermal effect caused by the energy delivered by the device into the tissue causes the death of the cells exclusively into the chosen area

Safe Thyroid Surgery

Surgery and thermal ablation are alternative and first choice procedures in the treatment of benign nodular thyroid diseases,but each with its own specific indications.

Where thermal ablation can’t be effective and decisive, surgery is the obligatory choice in the majority of cases.
All of this and more is encapsulated in the SafeThyroidSurgery (STS) logo, symbolizing our support for gentle surgery that respects the patient and employs solutions that can tailor the most suitable intervention for the patient (tailored surgery), be it traditional or robotic, minimally invasive, or thermal ablative.

Safe Thyroid Surgery una procedura alternativa

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