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The first portal in Europe dedicated to thyroid thermal ablation.

Jennifer Holkem



Personal informations

Jennifer Holkem is a passionate educator and advocate to save the thyroid whenever possible.

After her own experience in 2019 with RFA treatment of a large benign thyroid mass, she founded Save Your Thyroid: A community and future non-profit organization for patients seeking FDA approved, nonsurgical, thyroid-preserving treatment options.

Due to a severe lack of patient-oriented resources on this topic, she creates and shares educational content on her YouTube, Spotify, and social media channels.

Through these efforts, she has had the unique privilege to interview patients and experts across the globe, seeking to bridge the gap between patients and physicians.

She also publishes patient-focused resources on Substack and the nonprofit website,, including lists of known physician providers of thyroid-preserving treatment options. She devotes a full-time effort to disseminating all these free resources to the Save Your Thyroid community and the public at large.

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