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Izabella Costa Santos

Rio De Janeiro


Personal informations

Doctor Izabella Costa Santos is a physician and head and neck surgeon. She holds residency in general surgery and head and neck surgery at Brazilian National Cancer Institute.

She holds a PhD in Medicine from the University of São Paulo She has been a staff member of the Brazilian National Cancer Institute since 2000 and is currently Deputy Chief of the Head and Neck Surgery Service since 2017. She graduated in Robotic Surgery (da Vince System Training Certificate – Head and Neck) in 2018 and works as a proctor at medical residency. She holds the Masters Course in Radiology (RadioFrequency in Radiology Department of Asan Medical Center) in 2019. Member and Specialist in Head and Neck Surgery by the Brazilian Society of Head and Neck Surgery. She leads the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Head and Neck, with the main lines of research in Thyroid pathologies, Larynx and Pediatric head neck neoplasms.

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